Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Garden on my mind!

We recently found out we are being moved to Minnesota. My husband is in the Army, so when they say go, we go. I will transitioning from a zone 5 garden to a zone 4 garden. I've done ample research, and I have a pretty good idea of what I can grow there, and what I can't. I plan on taking huge parts of the garden while leaving a decent landscape in tact for the new owners of our home. We have not listed the house yet, but we will be doing so soon. For now, I stare the snow, and hard frozen ground making lists of the plants I'm taking (probably about 300 of them!), and the ones I'm leaving behind.
I've always known we would have to move, but this was very first real garden, and it's 6 years of maturity, plus the blood sweat and tears I've poured into it will be missed. Nevertheless, I am very excited to start fresh with a lot more knowledge and skills. Pray we find a house with a decent sized yard and lots of sun for my roses.

Here are some shots from Autumn in my garden.

These brussel sprouts were so yummy.

And a few roses:

Disneyland rose, one of my favs:

Happy garden dreaming!

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