Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fairy Garden 2010

Last year I started a fairy garden. I filled a radio flyer wagon with sandy dirt and hardy ground hugging succulents, and began looking for miniature goodies to put in the garden.

I found the fairy for $3 at Hobby Lobby, and my mom and I ordered some fairy accessories from a website, including my garden bench, turtles, mushrooms, and wheel barrel. I later found the garden tools for $.97 on the button aisle at JoAnns! The birdhouses were a gift from my aunt. the fence and arbor came from Cambria Pines Garden Shop, where I first saw the concept of fairy gardens!

I was so excited to find this ittle fairy cottage on my recent trip to California. It was $14.99 at Home Goods. I love how it looks. I want to find a little dining set to put inside the house ala Alice in Wonderland. I think, eventually, I'd like to have a bigger fairy garden, but for now, this little wagon fills my needs just fine.

You ay be able to see the one of the few non-succulent plants in here, the bird foot violet, is blooming! The moss looks great, too.

To overwinter this garden I removed all the accessories, leaving only the plants. I flipped the whole thing over, top down, in the middle of my vegetable garden. This spring, I lifted it up when it was unfrozen, and found everything to be literally frozen in time, just as I had left it. I think the plants may have even been growing all year, as they seem more filled in than before!
Don't you just want to be a fairy? I do!
Happy Gardening!


Jenn Wallace said...

My God Daughter Ariel and I went to this exhibit at The Museum of Science and Industry a few weeks ago. YOU MUST SEE IT!!!!


Jamie said...

Thanks, Jenn. I hope I get a chance to check it out, it looks awesome.