Saturday, March 13, 2010

Look! The clematis I grew from seed and repotted a few weeks ago is growing! I see 3 shoots coming up on this one, and the other two are coming along as well.

This is my basement garden. lol. My first year using grow lights instead of putting all my plants in sunny windows. You can imagine how cluttered my house used to be during the winter months!

The red banana plant loved the basement the most.

These plants will be upstairs in just a few weeks, maybe by the end of April, early May.
Happy gardening!


Misty said...

You're so amazing.

I decided I'd try to start a sweet potato plant. I mean, they let pre-schoolers try that right? I started seeing a few roots poking out, hooray!

But now the water is oddly cloudy -- fuzzy-looking really. And it reeks. It's molding, isn't it?

Or is all this normal and I'm just showing my botanical idiocy?

I swear one day your inspiration will translate into some measure of competence!

Jamie said...

I would replace the water as often as you need to. That shouldn't hurt the plant. Congrats!! You should try some herbs, like basil, rosemary, for all your divine cooking genius!