Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blue in the Garden

The second color of the rainbow I'm finding through my garden photo archives is Blue. I tell ya what, I didn't have to look far. Some of the very first, and very last flowers in my garden throughout the season are blue. It's no surprise, blue is my favorite color in the garden, whether is be in flowers or decorations.

Blue, depending on it's tone can create a cool feeling, or a vibrant summer vibe. I especially love how blue brings out the beauty in the other flowers in my garden.

First up, every spring, are primrose. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to go out and move the show over today and find a primrose in bloom. This dark blue is one of my favorites.

Not far behind are the Muscari Armeniacum, or grape hyacinth.

My favorite Hyacinth is this 'Delft Blue.' So deliciously fragrant I have trouble keeping it in the garden, and usually bring them in for my vases.

Last year I grew 'Cambridge Blue' lobelia from seed. I found them slow going, but rewarding once they hit their stride. It was simply the only way I could have loads of this gorgeous blue in the garden, as this variety of annuals sells for far too much as single plants!

This creeping speedwell, 'Waterperry Blue' is one of my favorite groundcovers. The little blue flowers with subtle stripes are so pretty.

I also love Columbine's! This is aquilegia 'Blue Star'.

This fabulous dark blue is aquilegia alpina.

Grown from seed years ago, this is perennial Bachelor's Buttons. Such a great electric blue spring color.

I must have cared for this Poor Man's Weather Glass, anagallis monellii, incorrectly because it pooped out really quickly. However, while it was on the deck inside this decoration I loved it! I am trying to grow it from seed this spring.

Hardy geranium has quickly become one of my favorite plants in the garden. This is 'Johnson's Blue.'
These royal blue Campanula blooms are huge, and provide so much color in the garden. This is Sarastro, a variety I picked up on whm, when it wasn't blooming, at Northwind Perennial Farm. Imagine my delight!
Clematis 'Multi Blue' reminds me the night sky.
Allium, azureum.
Dragon's Head, 'Fuji Blue' is a great low growing blue.
I have quite the love affair with delphiniums. In fact, they are third in my line of favorites only to roses (1), and clematis (2). I find them fussy and complicated, though. It took me many years to figure out to make them happy. I set out, two seasons ago, to buy starts in every variety I could find, in order to discover the most reliable types. i fed them heavily, and layered my homemade compost on them, and have been rewarded with 2 season packed with blue delight of every size, shape, and shade. I ended up liking them all! And also doing a lousy job of keeping track of which ones are which. Ha!
I'll start off with a variety I do not know! Pretty, though!

This is perennial Hybrid Bee Delphinium, 'Morning Lights.'

Here are a mixed variety of Delphinium in my front yard garden. In this first pictrue the lower globular blue flowers are again Allium, azureum, ixed with some camassia or quamash.
This is my favorite delphinium in the garden. It's one of the 'Magic Fountains,' light blue, white bee.
Delphinium 'Blue Bird.'
'Blue Bird' mixes with coneflowers.
I love this long lasting 'Blue Butterfly' variety so much.
This is 'Magic Fountains' Dark Blue, White Bee.
Delphinium Belladonna-Oriental Blue

I believe this is one of the 'Round Table Mix' Pacific Giants. It also get about 6 feet tall, and requires staking, unless of course it gets tangled in my clematis which holds it up. lol.

This is Delphinium hybrid 'King Arthur,' which gets up to 60 inches tall.
In front of 'King Arthur' is Delphinium tatsiense -Brilliant Blue.

Despite the moist spring weather we have, I have decided to try some penstemon. I fell in love with this 'Electric Blue' at Cambria Pines Nursery in Cambria California two summers ago. It has survived one winter here, and I will be looking to see it's progress soon again this spring.

Also, while touring the gardens at Cambria Pines Lodge I found how delightful and cottage-y Boarge can be interplanted with perennials and annuals. I grew it from seed, and I found it prolifically reseeds, which I am excited for. This bee is happy I planted it, too.

Not entirely blue, nor purple, this hard geranium, cranesbill, 'Hocus Pocus' is so wonderful beneath my roses! I love the eggplant hued leaves, and the blueish flowers.

How about my blue shed? I love this hue, and if given the chance, I plan on making the hosue a similar color someday.

The front of the back border is lined with salvia, including these below:

Russian Sage pervoskia, was one of the first plants I ever owned.

I also love blue containers, chairs, tables, and gazing balls. My favorite colors to pair with blue are chartreuse, and plum, as seen here:

Another blue favorite is Clematis 'rooguchi.'

I grew catmint 'Blue Carpet' from seeds I purchased on Park Seed's website last year.

This catmint is much taller, and came without a label.

The above unidentified catmint mingles with Shasta Daisies.

What about sweet peas? My favorite is 'Captain of the Blues'

My first butterfly bush, buddleia, 'Nanho Blue,' smells so sweet! I've since acquired several more varieties, but this remains my favorite.

This Lobelia x speciosa 'Fan Blue' was labeled zone 6, but I have had success with it for 4 years now. I find the more I water it, the better it does.

I overwinter two large Plumbago shrubs in my basement. My mom had a 15 foot version of this on eht eside of house in California, and I loved it then. Even enjoy when the sticky flowers are all over the house, stuck to our clothes.
I have it underplanted with persian shield and 'Diamond Frost' euphorbia.
One of my most treasured finds is Caryopteris 'Summer Sorbet,' it has incredible late summer color and the bees love it. I have it underplanted with white alyssum. I love the variegated leaves!

Talkin' about blue, I can't forget 'Heavenly Blue' morning glory.
Giant flowers in the purest blue you'll find in a flower.

This other morning glory's name slips my mind, but it performed quite well for me all season.

I was delighted to find a few leftover seeds in a packet from last season. Here's heliotrope "Marine Blue.'

And finally my favorite blue in the garden is well worth the season long wait, 'gentiana makinoi-Royal Blue.' It blooms right into October!
Hope you enjoyed my tour of the blues in my garden. I can't wait to start the next color!


CiNdEe said...

Wow just beautiful!!!! I love blue flowers too!!!! Yours are amazing!!!

Jamie said...

Thanks, Cindee! Hope your finger is doing better. My husband came home with an owie that looked like yours today.

Elizabeth said...

Your garden is AMAZING!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Your garden is AMAZING!!!!