Monday, March 23, 2015

The Real Deal. The Motherload of Inspiration.

A friend of mine strongly suggested I check out a harvest home in Wayzata MN for some much needed shop inspiration.  I didn't hesitate and found the next excuse to head east. I gotta wonder if the fine folks that work at the shop ever get tired of hearing their patrons gushing as they walk throughout the store. This place is so unbelievably gorgeous and inspiring inside. Every detail will have you drooling. Go ahead and enjoy my pictures, as I'm already plotting a reason to walk through the shop again soon. Bravo, Harvest Home!
Olivey- chartreuse is already one of my favorite colors, but pairing it with this gorgeous reason this blue door not to mention charcoal grey is absolutely perfect.
You want everything, .too... dont you?
Amazing mermaids!
Lush greens.
Everything about this picture:
Bunnies, pussy willow, ivy topiary. Perfect.
Look at that liitle dog poking his head up!
Thank you for looking! Hope you've been inspired!
Happy gardening!

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