Friday, May 30, 2014

Spring Blessings.

We've finally warmed right up to more average temperatures, and I've been outside most of everyday planting the greenhouse and basement grown seedlings. We even planted two plots at the community garden and have plans to plant more in an unused space in a friend's yard. So many tomato plants!! And peppers. Trying a few new things, including our first sweet corn (husband is totally in charge), quinoa, and kidney beans. Also lots of kale, and our first attempt at cabbage specially to make saurkraut.  Getting excited! Meanwhile the tulips are just finishing, as well as the crabapples... and almost all of the dahlias are planted. Enjoy a few instagram shots from the last two weeks!
The first peony to bloom is always the unique Paeonia tenuifolia- or atleast I think that's what it is. We inherited this plant when we took over this garden. I find this peony's frn like foliage to be much larger than the fern leaved peony I'm used to, with the blood red flowers and super fine foliage. This one is more pinkish red, and the ferny foliage is much thicker. It was planted in mostly shade when we moved in, and I've since moved one of them into a more sunny spot. They both bloom long before the other peonies, along with the tulips and crab apples.
Tulip "gavota" has the most unique colors, and looks stunning opened wide for the sun.  
Tulip 'margarita' came back well this year.  
Love how the dwarf iris all spring into action when the tulips bloom, also.  
Not many lilacs this year- not sure why. But I'm happy to have what I can get.  
Another shot of 'gavota' tulip at sunset the other night.  
An unknown pale yellow that faded to white-  I'm really enjoying it.  
My "pink" trees in full bloom. I love crabapples.  
Two unknown tulips by the side door.  
First shot of the front porch urns- some ostespurmum and 'molten lava' oxalis.
And check out the water droplets on this tulips. Yowza.  
Hope you  enjoyed the pictures. Happy gardening! 

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