Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Date @ The Arboretum

As I plan out my spring garden I also make sure to go through past pictures from visits to public gardens, where the professionals have applied their magic touch. Last summer we visited the Minnesota Landscape Aboretum a few times, but the visit I'm sharing here was a real treat. My husband and I had a real, legit date night when the kids were at a sleepover. We live very far from any relatives, so this is a very rare treat! So thankful for our good friends for this night!
Last summer, our only date night fell on a pretty darn warm summer evening, so naturally I made my husband eat Lebanese food until we almost puked from being full, take the dessert to go, and the walk ALL the back trails at the arboretum I could find. Haha!
We explored the creek and I fell in love with the mossy rocks.
I honestly don't know what these are, but I thought they were beautiful!

Perfect blue sky!


The collection of hydrangeas was in full bloom. Such a treat. It made me excited to watch all of mine at home mature.

Right in the area near the shrub gardens we found a flock of turkeys. We spent a long time just watching them eat all the grass seed someone had put down.

I fell in love with the color of these grapes.

And, of course, took time to appreciate the beautiful tree bark & the trunk of one that had been recently cut down.

There are whole areas of natural native plants. Lots of butterflies.

I decided I need a tamarack in my life.

I stopped to watch the reflection in this creek, way on the other side of the place, for a long bit.

And I begged my husband to make me one of these at home for growing gourds/pumpkins/squash.

Whenever I get to spend time by a Gingko tree I enjoy it.

I also had never had the time to really appreciate all the details in the Japanese garden... I'm usually chasing kids.

This shot below is a water fountain, but the light was so bright in the water it looked like a mirror. So beautiful.

And of course, enjoying hosta leaves.

My perfect mate.

Enjoying all the display gardens.

Thanks for the great date night, Theo!!

Happy gardening!

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