Monday, January 20, 2014

Houseplants everywhere

A few days ago I posted a few pictures of some of the house plants I have. Today I went around and took pictures of some that I don't think I've shared before. I have plants in every room of our house barring one area of the basement that is strictly for storage of holiday stuff. Not all of these plants are, "House plants," per se, as many of them go right out the door come warmer spring temperatures but during the winter they live in our living space. I try to be as creative as I possibly can when picking containers and locations. After all I'm a gardener and winter in Minnesota is long. Lots of trial and error over the years have led me to find the right locations for the right plants and all that's left is care- watering when they are dry, mild soap diluted water when there are bugs, and fertilizing about once a month... and enjoyment.

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