Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Midsummer in Pekin

As usual, this time of year I start really itching to garden. I start buying seeds, and I pull out the garden journals. I try and buy a couple new garden books or magazines. It all starts to gel. I love to go back through my pictures from the previous year. Last year was a little odd because we were moving and everything I did garden-wise was transplanting and pulling the weeds in the garden we moved into.
I did find some great photos from a weekend trip to Illinois. We went to Pekin to see some family and then explores all the Lincoln stuff in Springfield. While in Pekin we visisted the park, and the kids rode the paddle boats with their grandma.
I wandered and enjoyed the landscaping that seemed to peaking. Gorgeous!

Countdown to spring starts now!


Linda @ a design snack said...

you are a great photographer and gardener! I'm looking forward to your pics during this season.

Jamie said...

Thank you!