Friday, July 30, 2010

Magical Critter Encounters

I have had a wonderful time in the garden this year! I feel like every time I turn around there is magic to be found.
This huge butterfly caught my eye immediately. It was so large it looked like a bird floating around the yard.

I followed this fellow around for some time. I love the irredesance in it's wings.

I was delighted to catch a hummingbird sitting for a spell on my butterfly bush!

Another butterfly beauty.

This tiny frog cuddled up inside a white hollyhock. He was no bigger than my finger nail. I get these frogs every year, and they often sleep in my flowers, but they seem especially small this time around.

This spotted dragonfly perched on top a trellis in the backyard. He matched the sky.

Hope you enjoyed my critters. More to come, I just rebuilt my bird feeding area, and hope to get some pictures of the woodpecker and gold finches I have seen frequenting the yummies.
Happy gardening!


Misty said...

These pictures are amazing Jamie! Especially the humming bird... I don't think I've ever seen one sit still long enough for me to grab a camera. Beautiful, just beautiful.

Jamie said...

Thank you, Misty. Until this year I had never had one sit so long either. Now I notice them sitting all the time. I think their nest must be closer this year. I even heard it chirping, which I guess I never figured they did?