Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Later Roses

The first big flush of roses is done, and I have been filling yard waste bins pruning like a mad woman. I have a few roses that hold their blooms super-long, and/or start their first flush a wee-tad later than the early girls.
This is Europeana, a low-growing dark red beauty that holds it's blooms for a very long time. These clusters are beautiful!

"Hot Cocoa" has stolen the title as my favorite rose. Surprising, because it has hardly any scent. I have vowed to always have this rose in my garden! In fact, I have visions of planting a whole row of them at our next home, someday. The foliage is beautiful, the roses are so interesting, going through severeal stages of color as they age. The whole plant is vigorous, and consistently improving.

I went to the end's of the earth to find a local grower with "eden." While most California garden centers have this rose, none here did. last spring I found it, and this spring I was pleased to see it made it through the winter. So far, it's only blooming on the few canes that made it through it through the winter. The new growth is very vigorous, and already 6 feet or more, but with no flower buds yet. I'll take what I can get! This rose is so gorgeous! Takes me right back to Solvang, Ca. where I first saw it in person.

Happy gardening!


Misty said...

I see why you love the eden. Those blooms are flawless!

I'm just wondering, what do you do with all the stuff you trim away? Compost? Set aside faded blooms for potpourri? C'mon, let us in on the "ugly" side of the garden, since your pictures are sooo beautiful. :)

Jamie said...

Roses are not great candidates for the compost pile. They carry so many diseases, that it is best to throw them away. I have a compost pile in the back of the shed, I will take a picture of it and post it here. I also have 4 yard waste bins, which I frequently fill. theo hauls them behind our house to the city's yard waste trash area. My c-pile would be too big if I put everything in it. The trash cans have been sitting there for days... filled with rain and stinky... a great day to photograph them... also... there are hundreds of ugly japanese beetles out in the yard. An ugly post is coming your way!