Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm still here.

Hi Y'all. I still have the blog, and intend to update it soon. I've just run out of the picture storage space, and don't have a dime to update it. I don't like blogging without pictures.

I have lots to share, my daffs, tulips, and allium are poking out of the ground. I have a forced daff blooming in the dining room. I found a few new huechera a few weeks ago, and some clematis roots I've started in the dining room. My greenhouse is started, also... no seedlings yet.

I plan on upgrading the photo package ($20) by mid april, so until then... happy gardening!

1 comment:

cindee said...

Yikes I didn't know that we ran out of space for our pictures! Can you load them up on photo bucket then link them from there? Is that 20 dollars a year? I am glad to know you are doing o.k.(-: